Live Video Commerce ShopTime™ brings remote customers “inside” stores, connecting buyers with store associates to drive emotive engagement and expand the reach of the typical retail experience.

Enhance Retail Engagements

Strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones with seamless virtual collaboration. Empower your associates to meet the customer where she is.

Expand Engagement

ShopTime allows Retailers to engage directly with their customers using live video chat developed specifically for retail.

Stronger Customer Connections

Schedule a live or on-demand shopping event with customers—allowing them to see merchandise, shop specific looks, and instantly purchase goods.

Interactive Selling

Interact with your customers live, answer common pre-sale and post-sale questions, see customer’s closet or space, or personalized, in the moment loyalty discounts.

A New Experience

Connect 1-1 with customers, or bring them together with friends and influencers to make remote shopping more social, more effective, and more fun! 

The Future of Retail is fast approaching.

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